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Friday, November 1, 2013

Facile Friday - Keepin' it real

I am sure that at least one of my handful of readers noticed that I missed the friday post last week.  I apologize if your week was a little less sunny than the week before.

Oh, don't roll your eyes.....I am only kidding. 

I thought that I could write this post on Thursday but as you can see, that didn't happen.  When I woke up this morning and was getting ready for work, I looked around my bedroom and thought...THIS IS MY FRIDAY POST!!

Here we go.

Every morning as I rise from my slumber I am greeted by certain things that make me...ummmm.....laugh and think that I am going to deal with that when I get home.  As I am speaking out loud about these things, you can tell that I have not actually resolved the laughable areas that I awake to as of yet, but I am aiming in that direction.

First, as I open my eyes and rise to sit on the edge of the bed, I see the bag of clothes collected from myself and other members of my household that needs to be taken to be donated.  Yea, it has been there for a while but I really do plan on donating it.  This weekend might work.

This pile of clothes has only been in this spot since Monday.  That was the day that I had every intention of washing the clothes but somehow ran out of time.  What do ya think? Maybe tonight?

If I happen to look to the right as I get out of bed, I will suddenly want to grab a movie and fire a slingshot pig at someone.  See that tie dye looking thing down there?  That is a pair of white jeans that I have been working on decorating in a tie dye fashion, using sharpie markers and 91% isoprophyl alcohol.  They are really cool but alas, not complete.  I am just starting to see that I have some really weird combinations of "stuff".  A lone sock, a sling shot stuffed pig, a box of envelopes, a dot-to-dot book, VHS tapes, and a hanger.  Who can analyze that and tell me something about myself?

My dresser is an interesting collection of things that, now as I look at them, might say really weird things about me too.  Let's examine the top of the dresser.  First there are Bob Books, Where's Waldo, a college level anatomy and physiology text book, dog nail clippers, an animated minion doll, a wooden winnie the pooh pull toy and hair products.  Hahahahahahaha!  OK, maybe I should stop trying to analyse this photo before I come to a conclusion that I am not willing to face.

Don't get me wrong, I do have areas of my bedroom that are organized and not filled with strange and creepy oddities.  Look at my closet!  It just looks like a closet.

Clothes hung on hangers, pants and extra office supplies in their respective cubes and shoes in their little shoe condo.  Pretty normal I would say. Oh Crap!

Yea, OK!  I have a creepy clown painted on blue velvet that looks out over the holiday canisters in my closet.  I really thought that I was doing better in the closet.  I guess I should be happy that the obvious weirdness is at least consistent throughout my everyday existence.  Right?

OK, now I have to do my laundry, donate clothes and turn that clown picture around! 

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1 comment:

Michele said...

Hey! I painted that clown picture for your room when you were at toddler and you loved it. Obviously, you still do deep inside or you wouldn't still have it. Don't turn it around. Frame it and place a candle in front of it to commemorate thee source of you obvious creativity.
Love, Mother

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